Grab SHURE MV7 Podcast Microphone 
or Maonocaster Portable Podcast Production


Competition goes to November 15, 2021


Maonocaster Lite Portable


25 Front End Sales Required

This bad boy is all-in-one and easy to use.  You get a USP audio interface AND the audio mixer -- all in one.  So check it out.  You get FOUR recordable buttons for your own sound effects and 8 built in ones -- applause, laughter, cheering and more!  It's made for live streaming and suports 2 people, 4 devices.  You can stream on 4 platforms at the SAME TIME!  You can even change your voice. And you ahve 2 mic inputs, noise reduction and more.
Get this OR a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  

Shure MV7 Podcast Microphone


39 Front End Sales Required

The Shure sm7b is what Joe Rogan uses for his podcasts. But it's XLR only and no usb. The MV7 rocks BECAUSE it's made for podcasting and uses either an XLR input OR USB.  The  thing that separates these microphones is the RICH, full sound which makes you sound like a King or Queen.  You don't get that "tinny" sound lesser microphones give you.

The $260 Amazon gift card may be substituted in the event of exhorbitant shipping costs or availability issues (which I don't anticipate).

Or choose $260 Amazon Gift Card

PM for product access or message here.

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You must email me your Warriorplus Username after you get the required frontend sales so I can acknowledge it and ship your prize!

Offer ends November 15 2021 @ 23:59 EST

Free delivery to Australia, Canada, U.S., China,
Japan, Mexico, Singapore and UK
If you're outside these Amazon routes, message me
at as the terms may differ. May not be combines with other affiliate prizes or promotions.

$797 Total Funnel

Get 50% On $297 OTO's +
$500 Products Promoted By Emails

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In addition to 50% on the upsells, you get 50% commissions on 5 follow up products promoted via email for a TOTAL max value of $797.

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1.  I will ship free to Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and UK.  If you're in another country, contact me for details.

2.  I reserve the right to substitute a prize in case the prize becomes unavailable for shipment via Amazon or the vendor.  Or there's some bizarre price increase or exhorbitant taxes, or shipping fees.  I doubt this will happen but you know.  #$%# happens on rare occasion.

3.  You can select the prize or the Amazon gift card.

4.  This applies only to FE sales of Big Book of Secrets that are at the $47 to $55 price point. Back end sales pay commissions but don't count towards the prize.

5.  Terms are subject to change, although I don't anticipate that in the slightest.

6.  May not be used in conjunction with any other contest I'm running. i.e. no double dipping of prizes.

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